4th September 1939. Poland…

A short and shaky video showIng the situation at the end of turn 2. I tried recording this commentary on the video but I was rubbish! So here is the commentary followed by the pictures. (3/10. See me after class.)

“We start on the German left flank where Polish infantry have advanced to within rifle range and caused the German howitzers to prepare to withdraw.

In front of the German artillery is a company of Polish infantry in total disorder in the village.

Moving to the right is the scene of a close-range skirmish between Polish infantry and German light tanks (PzII), in which the Germans came off worst.  Almost invisible in the woods is another company of Polish infantry with anti-tank rifles, which failed to do any damage whatsoever.

In the woods at the centre of the battlefield is a German infantry company, also with AT rifles, which has just been rallied and reorganised by the battalion CO after their pounding by Polish artillery.

Moving across we see that the PzIV has abandoned its concealed position at the edge of the village, because of the two companies of Polish infantry advancing down the road.  

The armoured cars (SdKfz222) to the left of the village were driven back by shellfire – the craters are clearly seen – but recovered and are once again moving forward to engage the enemy infantry with the support of the PzIV.

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