Not yet dead

“I’m not dead yet” – from Monty Python’s songbook. but I need to share these thoughts.

If Putin has his way, many of us may actually soon be dead. His new idea of holding totally corrupt referenda (see below) to create new Russian territory in disputed regions, so that if any attack is made by the Ukrainians on those regions to recover them following the de facto acceptance of their new status it will be deemed to be legitimate under Russian military procedure to defend the (now “Russian”) areas involved with all possible weapons, (including Chemical and Nuclear) under their “Rules of Engagement”

His new call-up of reservists will no doubt be used to occupy these regions as some form of military occupation force. I doubt their willingness for this role, and poor soldiers with low morale tend to be more violent, simply to vent their rage on anyone vulnerable.

And if this affects the inhabitants of these new “Russian” areas, they will simply be giving their lives for “Mother Russia”.

We have seen video of armed policemen watching voters fill in their “secret” ballot forms, so it is not surprising that – even if the vote were actually counted – the result is so high.

World leaders and UN representatives have decried this process and called it invalid, but, because of the Soviet Union’s efforts in destroying the German war effort in the Second World War, Russia now has a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council, and thus a veto on any UN resolution on decrying its activities.

What a tangled web…

The end of an era

I have decided that it is time to close this blog.

I have not posted for some time, and I find that I am more inclined to share my activities on Facebook, so I will be saving money by closing this account and the domain.

My thanks to all who have followed me in the past. I may be found on Facebook under my proper name: Paul Wisken. Apparently there is more than one of me, so look for the one with the feathery hat.