Operation Market Garden continues

The next installment of the Operation Market Garden report has been added.

Dusk, 18th September 1944.  German strength is building to the east, the Guards reach Grave, the Americans are scattered and there is vicious fighting around the main bridges.

Market Garden – from a player

 I LOVED it – the maps still not been moved from the glass table in the lounge – Sarah keeps looking at me saying its over, can we move it , I need to take a picture before we do as, it shows that the last move that Browning knew about – all 3 Bridges were in allied hands – Marvellous !
I really got into it – and the bangs and explosions  from the fireworks outside as I looked at the map awaiting another Message on the laptop – Well just added to it.
Again – A Brilliant game, That I would play again and again – Being whichever side – I do hope that you do some more war-games in this similar manner, Hard work on your side – But a little Gem for the Player.
Kindest regards and thanks once again.