Eighty years on. 30th September 1939

(being the reports of a solo wargaming campaign)

30th September 1939


Germany notified Britain that armed ships would be sunk without warning.

Game day 30: Finland.

No activity.

Thus ended the first month of the war. In game terms the end of the month was fairly boring.

Eighty years on. 29th September 1939

(being the continuing reports of a solo wargaming campaign)

29th September 1939


The USSR and Estonia signed a ten-year agreement, allowing Russia access to Baltic ports.

In Britain a national census for the purpose of rationing and recruitment was undertaken.

Game day 29: Norway.

No activity.

Eighty years on. 27th September 1939

(being the report of a solo wargaming campaign)

27th September 1939


Hitler ordered his Generals to plan for an attack on France in November.  The Reichssicherheitshauptampt was founded.

Game day 27: France

1st French Armoured Corps moved south-east from the Belgian border in preparation for the BEF to take over that sector in Britain’s next turn.

Eighty years on: 26th September 1939

(being the report of a solo wargame campaign)

26th September 1939


Germany claimed to have sunk the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.  Winston Churchill claimed that Britain was winning the U-Boat war.  In Poland the German Eighth Army joined the attack on Warsaw.  In France the Communist Party was abolished.

Game day 26: China fights back

3rd Infantry Corps marched east from Singkiang and 2nd Infantry Corps in Kwangtung moved north towards Peking.  The weakened 1st Mongolian Infantry Corps marched south shadowing the Japanese movement.  There were no engagements.

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Eighty years on: 25th September 1939

(being a report of a solo wargame campaign)

25th September 1939


In Germany, Hitler ordered increased attacks on allied shipping and a swift end to the war in Poland.  Bread and flour rationing began.

Game day 25: Japan strikes south.

While 1st and 2nd Infantry Corps, supported by fighter aircraft, attacked the 1st Chinese Infantry Corps in Manchuria, 3rd Infantry Corps left Osaka, escorted by a Battleship flotilla.

Battle in Manchuria:  8 Infantry attacks at 1 and 6 Fighter attacks at 3 resulted in 6 hits.  The Chinese defended with 5 defends at 3, scoring 4 hits.  Both the 1st Chinese Infantry Corps and the 1st Japanese Infantry Corps were eliminated, and the 1st Japanese Fighter Group lost one third of its aircraft in the attack.  Japan was again in undisputed possession of “Manchukwo”.

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Eighty years on. 24th September 1939

(being the report of a solo wargame campaign)

24th September 1939


French artillery bombarded German positions.  The French Air Force bombed the Zeppelin works at Friedrichshafen.  The U-boat campaign in the North Atlantic began with the sinking of two ships.  Polish government officials were interned in Rumania.

Game day 24: Britain strikes back

The first convoy reached the coast of Newfoundland.  1st Canadian Infantry Corps moved towards Halifax to embark for Britain. 1st British armoured Corps disembarked in France.

2nd RAF Fighter Group was transferred to Scotland to join the Carrier Flotilla.

The 3rd Battleship Flotilla sailed from Scapa Flow into the North Atlantic to confront the German Fleet and 3rd Fighter Group attacked the German Submarines off the East Coast.

Battleships:  Royal Navy: 5 attacks at 4; 3 hits.  Kriegsmarine: 6 defends at 4; 5 hits.  3rd RN Battleship Flotilla was wiped out for the loss of half the German ships. 

Air attack: 6 attacks at 3; 1 hit.  Submarines: 6 defends at 2; no hits.  One submarine was sunk.

Background image copyright Milton Bradley/Hasbro