Market Garden update.

Maps have now been sent to players. Original plan was to give each player the same notice of the operation as the original generals had, but I realise that their administration staff is somewhat smaller, so I compromised.
Program is now written to handle combat with a couple of mouse clicks, which should save some admin time when the game is running.

Using Excel for game mapping

Over the years I have developed a method of using Microsoft Excel for mapping my wargames.  Originally I started it for use with Risk, and then moved on to an on-screen version of Axis & Allies.  This is a tutorial, using the example for my forthcoming play-by-email game of Operation Market Garden.

How to use Excel for mapping wargames

Feel free to copy, enhance and play with, but please credit when passing it on.

Operation Market Garden – wargame update 10/10/13

Having started some intensive play-testing before exposing my victims to the game, I have discovered that with the current rules it is not possible for any British parachute units to reach Arnhem Bridge from their allowable drop zones on the first day, even if the Germans decide to stay at home and put their feet up for the day. Since it is a matter of record that it actually happened and was potentially crucial to the success of the operation from the allies’ viewpoint, I think a review is needed.