The Battle of Bunker’s Hill

Feeling the need for a break from the long-running Battle of Brighton, and the even longer running Sealion Campaign, I decided to try an outstanding project.

This year’s Donald Featherstone anniversary game was the Battle of Blenheim, played using Black Powder Rules at the Wargames Holiday Centre.  It was my introduction to the game system and I thoroughly enjoyed the games despite commanding the losing army twice!

So I started to think about how the rules would work with a hexagon-based set up which, as my readers will know, is my preferred terrain method.  Before committing models to the table (which is currently occupied by the aforementioned battle) I thought I would try this as a “hex and counter” game.

I was pleased to find that very few adaptations to the standard rules were needed.  The battle report is attached, with any necessary rule adaptations indicated.

The Battle of Bunkers Hill report

The battle was an overwhelming success for the British attackers, despite several scenario-based advantages to the Rebels, but mainly due to General Howe’s ability to roll less than 5 on 2D6 for his commands on every occasion, including three double-ones in five turns! (He needed less than 9 for a successful order).