WW2 replayed

World War Two replayed day by day. I started a project using 6mm models some years ago which has so far reached 4th September 1939. I intend to continue this without much hope of success. But I have a new project which I also expect to fall by the wayside, as most of my “clever” ideas do. I intend to try to refight the war on a larger scale using the Axis & Allies game, adapted.

The plan

My plan is to follow the war, 80 years on, using a digital version of the Axis and Allies game board and adapted rules.

Wherever possible the various nations will try to follow historical precedent.  In the model created by Terry Pratchett, reality will try to reassert itself.

The game

I am using an adaptation of the game for a 1939 start point based on a variation published many years ago in one of the wargame magazines. The initial set-up was created by Peter Sides for 1940, so I have taken some liberties. I decided on 1st September 1939 as a start point, although it is arguable that the war started earlier with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria or the German occupation of Czechoslovakia.

I have adapted the timescale from the original game, which I believe is one turn per three months.  Each country will take their turn over one day, sequentially, in the order: Germany, Poland, British Empire, Japan, China, France, Italy, Norway, USSR, Finland, USA.  The Netherlands and Belgium are included with France for convenience, since all were attacked on the same day. Denmark is similarly included with Norway.  In this way one complete turn represents about a week and a half.

Each square on my map is approximately 140 miles/225 Km across (measuring equatorially). By using the original game movement capabilities in land areas, translated into squares, I have, for example, infantry moving at around 20 miles a day, twice that for armour, and I multiply air movement by 2, allowing a bomber group a range of something over 1,500 miles for one mission and a fighter group 560 miles.

And we shall see what we shall see. I hope I can spend 15-30 minutes a day when at home to play each turn. When I am away I hope to pre-play and post on a daily basis.

First post should be on Sunday 1st September 2019.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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