Does anyone please have a Trump-English dictionary?

For example, apparently in the USA there is no place for a “Group of hate”.

If I could understand the concept I might be tempted to send one to Washington as a test case.

Meanwhile I await some form of proper denunciation of the right of ordinary citizens to possess military grade weapons, designed for the sole purpose of inflicting maximum damage to people.

Mass shootings in the USA have now passed the average of one per day in 2019. It should no longer be a matter for debate or lobbying. It is out of control.

Positives and negatives

While I am quite pleased to find that I have almost enough buildings to cover three quarters of my table with ruins and intact buildings representing Arnhem after two days of conflict, at the same time I am disappointed that some of my more appropriate models still languish in the “to paint” box.

Final details like walls, gardens, trees, telegraph poles, etc. are to be added tomorrow before I attempt to introduce some local kids to the joys of “real” wargaming, rather than just pushing 1:35 tanks around the grass verges on the estate.

Apologies for the photo’ quality. Taken using an i-pad, floodlit by 3 multiple-LED work lights just after dusk.