My health

I am worried.

I just found myself on my bed with absolutely no recollection of how I got here.

Chrissy (my good lady wife) says she found me in the office in a semi-comatose state and helped me to move.

This is not good.

Sparky says…

Sparky says:
“Today we went to The Woods for my morning walk.
Nothing special happened except when Clever Sparky had to find The Ball under a really tricky holly bush. Good Boy Sparky Who’s a Clever Dog?

In the after-second-food We went on the “around-the-block-and-to-the-shop-and-wait-good-boy-Sparky” walk. But today We did not go to the shop. It was hot.

What a boring day. We did play Ball when He put the what-They-wear on the string across my play place to get them dry.”

A Piece of Cake

Watching the UK Channel 4 series, “Piece of Cake”, based on the novel by Derek Robinson, set during the Battle of Britain.

A pity that they could not source Hurricane fighters for the TV, but on the whole a good representation of the book.

Richard Hope plays an excellent “Skull” Skelton, as does David Horowitch as the adjutant. Both are exactly as portrayed in the novels.
As for the pilots, Neil Dudgeon, Nat Parker and all the others bring it to life.

A highly watchable series.

A bit of spit and polish

Next June my British Shot Gun, Firearms and Black Powder licences all expire. They were last renewed from 18th June 2015 – a significant date in the re-enactment calendar.

I have decided not to renew any of these. At the age of 65 I am not being repaid for this administrative hoop-jumping by the amount of fun generated.

So I still have to dispose of two firelock muskets, two flintlock carbines and two doglock pistols. I have potential buyers for half of these.

But I was appalled to find when getting the guns out of the secure cabinet just how much rust had accumulated over the last 18 months or so since I last cleaned them and put them away.

This morning I wave been working on my Brown Bess style carbine. It has been totally dismantled, scrubbed, polished and all the parts wiped over with olive oil. Olive oil is a useful gun accessory, and at the first sign of rain I always give a quick wipe over any gun I happen to be carrying at a re-enactment event. It will protect both wood and metal. It works equally well for swords and pole-arms.