Corunna bathtubbed – the second hour.

3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

First an apology for any confusion in my previous post. The dice I was using were not the dice I described for the game. I tried to remember that yellow meant red and vice-versa, but forgot at least once. The dice have now been corrected. On with the battle.

The situation at 3 p.m.

Step 1. Artillery fire.

Blue and Red each have 1 battery able to fire. Blue at 4 squares range misses. Red with targets at 2, 3 or 4 squares misses with a green (hit at 7-9 squares).

Step 2. Skirmishers move

A dangerous step for Blue, bringing many of the skirmish troops into close range of the enemy. Both sides manage some cautious advances.

Step 3. skirmish infantry fire.

This is the same as formed infantry fire, except that no casualties are inflicted. However, hits will cause the enemy to check morale.

From North to South: Red. 2 dice vs cavalry at 3 squares. Green hits. Both missed. Red. 2 dice vs cavalry at 2 squares. Yellow hits. Both missed. Blue. 2 dice vs artillery at 1 square. Red hits. 1 hit. Morale is in the yellow zone. Roll yellow is a 2 move retreat in good order. Blue. 2 dice vs infantry at 1 square. 1 hit. Same as above, but in the second square are formed infantry, pushed back in good order. Blue. 2 dice vs infantry at 2 squares. Missed. Blue. 2 dice vs infantry at 1 square in village. Missed.

Step 4. Close order infantry volley fire.

North to South. Red unit in the village of Elviña may fire 1 square diagonally. Red is a hit, not saved. The 3rd hit on this brigade, so 1 battalion was removed. Red battalion in the village of Piedralonga vs skirmishers (considered to be in cover). 1 die rolls red, ignored for cover.

Step 5. Deployed foot troops move.

North to South. On the Blue side only one reserve brigade can move, and they wait for developments. On the Red side a similar situation exists.

Step 6. deployed cavalry move.

None of Blue’s cavalry have a valid move. Red has no cavalry.

Step 7. Skirmishers move.

On the Red right flank (North) all three battalions advance through the difficult stream terrain (North flank). In the Blue ranks several units do not advance, preferring to wait and fire. (Note that Skirmishers can fire diagonally).

Step 8. Formation changes.

Only two Blue skirmish units have yet left the stream terrain to reform into close order. Three Blue battalions move into skirmish mode to cross the main stream. The unit that just crossed the bridge reforms into attack column to assault the Red-held village (Piedralonga).

Step 9. Charge

Nobody has been ordered to charge.

Step 10. Close order volley fire.

Red firing from the village of Elviña, diagonally. Red is 1 hit at range 1. Saved, but a morale check on Blue. Three blocks is in the yellow zone. Roll of red is OK. Blue single battalion volley at range 2 scores 1 hit, not saved. Red morale is in the red zone and rolls green, so moves 1 square back.

The brigade attacking Piedralonga on the right flank fires at range 1. Two dice roll reds, against troops in cover are misses.

Step 11. Hand to hand combat.

Nobody has charged an enemy, so there is no close combat, even between enemy units in adjacent squares.

Step 12. March Columns move.

There are none.

Situation at 4 p.m.

At the end of the second hour Blue has made some progress across the stream in the valley but no real damage has been done to Red’s holding position.

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