More on Bomber rules

After last week’s play test of my rules adapted for 1940 I invested in a copy of “Bag the Hun” from Too Fat Lardies.

A quick perusal of the rule book this afternoon shows how close many of Nick Skinner’s rules are to my own independently designed systems. I created my rules through detailed reference to the RAF Lancaster pilot’s handbook and descriptions in Len Deighton’s eponymous novel.

The first big difference is that I have divided speed and altitude into 12 bands instead of 6. I also allocate “ability” levels to each crew member, reflecting their skill, training and equipment functionality. Thus, as equipment gets damaged the user’s ability level drops.

One of my innovations is the “Gremlin” card which is dealt once each move (I use “player move” to differentiate from “turn”, which is a change of heading.). The Gremlins are random equipment failures, changes in meteorological conditions, and anything else that can disrupt the player’s game, but are not all bad.

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