I had an idea…

Following a social media post from Mark Backhouse showing his 2mm woods we had a short conversation about how to depict troops in woods that are too well represented to accommodate the models.

I have a problem with small-scale wargaming (6mm or less), when troops have to be placed in solid model buildings or closely wooded areas and overnight have come up with a solution.

Take pack of cheap miniature playing cards (the sort you can get in the better Christmas crackers). Cut off one edge as shown below.

Now the edge piece may be trimmed and folded as necessary to be placed in small spaces or slipped under a building to show the presence of a unit, while the actual unit is placed on the remainder of the playing card off board.

For example, from my current 3mm game, I have a unit of infantry in a house. The folded off-cut is slipped under the house and the unit placed on the card (normally off table).

It does not overly detract from the game, speaking as one who likes to see a token-free battlefield.

Incidentally, I am working on a less obvious artillery target marker than the Lego tiles in the photo’. Also the card “craters” are simply there because troops have passed over the original 3d versions, of which I have a limited supply.

In a two-player game, this can help to conceal your hidden troops, and in a solo game it is a useful reminder when there is so much else to think about.

I hope other gamers may find this useful.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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