Eighty years on. 3rd September 1940


The weather over south-east England was again good for flying. The Luftwaffe sent one main raid of 50 Dornier Do17 bombers, 80 Messerschmitt Bf110 fighter bombers and 40 Bf109 fighters up the Thames Estuary which then split up and bombed RAF airfields at North Weald, Hornchurch and Debden.  All the airfields were badly damaged but still operational.  The Luftwaffe lost 17 fighters and 8 bombers. The RAF lost 20 fighters including 2 Blenheims returning to North Weald, accidentally shot down by Hurricanes mistaking them for Bf110s.  There was relatively little bombing overnight, unlike recent nights, but there were attacks in Kent, Liverpool, and South Wales.

The RAF made two major bombing attacks on the U-boat pens at Lorient and with incendiaries against German forests.

U-60 sank the British collier Ulva about 150 miles south-west of the Isle of Barra, Outer Hebrides.  U-57 collided with the Norwegian steamer Rona and sank just after midnight at Brunsbüttel at the Western end of the Kiel Canal.  200 miles west of Ireland U-101 was attacked with depth charges by a British convoy escort.  She was damaged and partially flooded.

 Adolf Hitler fixed the date of Operation Sea Lion for 21st September.

Vichy France ordered the internment of anyone who posed a threat to national security. Communists were particularly targeted.

The British cabinet approved a £2,000 compensation payment to each householder whose house was destroyed by Luftwaffe attacks.

King Carol of Rumania survived an attempted assassination.

Game day 369.  Week 53.  South & Central America (Continued).

A continuation of the cataloguing of the assets of the southern Americas.

Guatemala is a country in Central America with a population of 2 million.  The country is self-sufficient and neutral.

Haiti is the western half of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.  The population is 3 million.  The country is neutral, self-sufficient and contributes nothing to the war effort.

(From Wikipedia) The small Panama Canal Zone was United States territory, and American forces from the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, the USAAF (at Howard Air Force Base), and Colombian forces helped inside the Canal Zone, guarded the Panama Canal from both ends. This Canal provided the United States and its Allies with the ability to move warships and troops rapidly between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Since most of the American shipbuilding capability was on the East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico, the Canal was vital for moving new warships to the Pacific to fight the Imperial Japanese Navy.  For game purposes the country has 2 million people and is self-sufficient and nominally neutral.

Peru has 7 million people, no war resources and is neutral.

Uruguay is neutral.  The population is 2 million and there is a food surplus of 65,000 tons per week.

That concludes the documentation of neutral Central and South America

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