Eighty years on – the end of the beginning?

Dear followers.

It is with regret that I have come to a decision to cease daily publication of my “Eighty Years On” blog posts.

This project is quite simply taking too much of my time.  I have managed one year of almost daily posts, but with the War becoming more active, the game diverging from reality – how can I fight the Battle of Britain when Germany has no aircraft? – and other gaming projects stagnating, I can’t keep up.

I will continue to play the game, probably with weekly turns, and make occasional posts but the detailed historical daily report must go.

Sorry folks, but sometimes ambition hits the brick wall of reality.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

5 thoughts on “Eighty years on – the end of the beginning?”

  1. Sorry to hear that, it’s been an interesting and enjoyable daily read, but yes, it must occupy a lot of time. Eventually, if it becomes a burden, rather than something enjoyable, you should walk away before you end up hating your hobby.

    Thanks for the posts so far.

    1. Thanks Doug.
      it has been interesting, and in retrospect I was possibly wrong to change my approach to the game. But having started I am now going into more detail of the background economics, which provides the rationale behind the military aspects. More detail to follow in a separate post.
      But the original game was too vague, too chunky and too easy to lose track of the actual progress of the war.
      All credit to the creators of “Axis & Allies”, which is a well thought out, one evening, 2-5 player game reflecting the economic and military aspects of the war in an abstract way, but it failed to translate to what I wanted.

  2. The daily posts were great, but obviously a lot of work. As Doug said – the purpose should be enjoyment! I’m looking forward to your future projects and updates. Did that arm ever get back to normal?

    1. Thanks.
      See my reply to Doug.
      I enjoy your “Wargaming on Vancouver Island” posts.

      I feel somewhat associated with the Island having actually been there looking for the sites that my father photographed during his stay in 1942-4, and realised that the drive from Victoria to Sidney alone is like from where I now live to my home town in England – effectively a whole day out.

      Everyone I met there was very friendly, particularly a couple who took me out from Deep Cove on their shrimp boat to see some of my Dad’s locations when he used to sail from Patricia Bay. (Sailing was his apprenticeship and his lifetime hobby)

      I was most impressed by the lack of litter (trash) along the roadsides, compared with what I am used to at home.

      You are very lucky to live where you do. My Dad always wanted to return with the family to live there. Having visited for only a week, I so wish he had been able to achieve his wish.

      Oh – and the shoulder is mostly back to normal, thanks. The occasional twinge, but not affecting what used to be normal life.

  3. PS. If you can, make a visit to Mary’s Blue Moon Café, opposite the British Columbia Aviation Museum. They have so much memorabilia of the RAF/RCAF establishment at Patricia Bay. I have all the original station magazines from my Dad’s service there if you ever need any information.

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