Eighty years on. 7th August 1940


Very little Luftwaffe activity allowed the RAF to rest men and make repairs to aircraft and airstrips.  One convoy was bombed.  Overnight, there was bombing and minelaying all along the east coast of Britain and on the west coast from Land’s End to Liverpool.  The city of Exeter was bombed for the first time by a lone raider that did little damage.

150 miles off Ireland the British troopship Mohamed Ali El Kebir, carrying 631 troops, 66 naval personnel and 165 crew from England to Gibraltar, was hit with one torpedo from U-38.  The escort destroyer HMS Griffin depth charged U-38 for two hours while Mohamed Ali El Kebir sank.  HMS Griffin rescueD 155 crew, 611 troops and naval personnel from various lifeboats, rafts and out of the water.

German submarine U-140 was commissioned.

In East Africa Indian troops from Aden (1st Battalion, 2nd Punjab Regiment) reinforced British forces in British Somaliland.

Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle signed an agreement on the military organization of the Free French.  Churchill agreed to allow the French units to have as much autonomy as possible.

Game day 342.  Japan

Japan collected twelve Industrial Resource Points.  Two fighter units and two destroyers were deployed in Japan.  A convoy carrying six armoured units arrived in Shanghai.  Another six armoured units moved south through Kwangtung to take on the Chinese forces.  Five more were embarked in Japan.

In Kwangtung, at 116,46, three infantry units supported by two bomber units from Manchukuo attacked one Chinese infantry unit, wiping it out for no loss.

I created a new restriction on building naval units.  To build naval units there must be a factory on a coastline.  To apply this new rule, I allowed all maritime nations to relocate one factory to the coast.

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