Eighty years on. 10th February 1940


Soviet troops finally began breaking through the Mannerheim Line between Summa and Taipale.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt confronted a gathering of 4,500 members of the American Youth Congress, which had recently passed a resolution declaring that granting aid to Finland was an “attempt to force America into the imperialistic war” against the Soviet Union.

The USSR began deporting Poles from Soviet-occupied territory to prison and labour camps in Siberia and northern Russia.

To mark the 2,600th anniversary of the traditional founding date of Japan, Pope Pius XII sent Emperor Hirohito a telegram that said in part: “We ask God that may you cease hostilities and that through Divine aid may the Japanese people and their sovereigns attain greater glory and happy years.”

In the former Czechoslovakia Jews were ordered to close all textile, clothing and leather goods stores.  All Jewish-owned jewellery, gold, platinum, silver and works of art were ordered to be sold.

Two wooden British minesweepers HMS Salve and HMS Servitor successfully swept for magnetic mines on the sea bed, dragging a long charged electrical cable to detonate the mines in their wake.

U-48 stopped, inspected and then sank the Dutch SS Burgerdijk off Land’s End, England, en route for Rotterdam.  U-37 sank the Norwegian SS Silja en route to Bergen southwest of Ireland.

Game Day 163. Norway

The Norwegian infantry continued their slow progress towards the border with Finland.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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