Eighty years on. 23rd January 1940


Former South African Prime Minister J. B. M. Hertzog introduced a motion in the House of Assembly that “the time has arrived that the war with Germany should be ended and that peace be restored.”

Britain lowered the speed limit at night in populated areas to 20 miles per hour due to the sharp increase in the rate of motoring accidents during blackouts.

Oliver Stanley announced in the House of Commons that kilts would not be issued to members of Scottish regiments except to pipers and drummers, for reasons connected to the possible use of poison gas by the enemy.  Author’s note.  Presumably pipers and drummers would be immune to the effects of poison gas?

Britain and France jointly announced that German shipping encountered in the Pan-American Neutral Zone (an Atlantic area off the coast of the Americas) would be attacked.  Within this zone, the USA was committed to the protection of convoys.

Game day 135. China

The Chinese infantry south-west of Peking retreated out of fighter range of the Japanese fighters in Manchuria. A second corps from China moved up in support.  China was struggling to keep pace with Japanese incursions, and was now relying on U.S. aid expected to arrive via Indo-China.  The aid convoy was approaching Midway Island.

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