1943 Rations for Lent 2023. Day 3

24th February 2023

Another successful day yesterday, still eating up leftovers. I started as usual with a mug of tea, but skipped breakfast. For “brunch” I enjoyed my weekly egg, fried in lard, saving the excess lard from the pan for future use. This I had with two rounds of whole meal toast and 3/4 oz. of sliced ham and another mug of tea.

The evening meal was a jacket potato with the last of our jar of Christmas chutney and the final tomato. Dessert was a sliced apple with the penultimate yogurt.

25th February 2023

We went grocery shopping this morning. An interesting experience, compared with the usual: “I fancy that” mode. Knowing I have sufficient cheese and ham I eschewed those counters. The Memsahib had no such compunctions. I kept looking at products and saying: “It’s German/Italian/Spanish”.

We ended up with the following haul to add to the stock at home for sharing: a cauliflower, a savoy cabbage, three leeks, four large potatoes and eight apples (the apples are mine). The Memsahib also found some sprouts and sliced chicken reduced to clear.

The intention was that we would use the vegetables with a joint from the freezer for Sunday, so that the leftovers could be used through the week, but when returning home the plan inexplicably changed. With a choice of beef, lamb or pork, the Memsahib decided to do a steak instead. Depending on the size of said steak I may need to refuse some or make economies elsewhere. I shall also have to sort out something else for next week’s meals.

This project is clearly going to be easier to stick to during the week when I am mainly catering for myself than at weekends! I must stay strong.

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