1943 Rations for Lent 2023. Day 2

23rd February 2023

I only had a couple of mugs of tea for breakfast.  Lunch was a meat pie from the freezer with some cabbage.  I am counting this as half of my meat ration for the week.  Meat, other than ham or bacon, was restricted in 1943 to 1s2d worth per week (about £3 eighty years later) The other half was used earlier this week on some pork faggots for use in five portions of stew which are now in the freezer.

   The cabbage was from a frozen pack, but this weekend I intend to buy some seasonal fresh vegetables, based on a meal plan for next week that I must compose today.

   My evening meal was two slices of wholemeal toast, thinly spread, and a large sliced tomato.  Tomatoes are on ration in February 2023, but were not in 1943.  Mine are locally grown.  I finished this off with a sliced pear in yogurt.  As I have mentioned before the yogurt is a modern item that needs to be eaten up, so I rationalised it as custard.  By next week I expect to have cleared the modern stuff and be eating pure 1940s.

   Today I think I will treat myself to my weekly egg.  I have dried egg in the cupboard which gives me a more generous ration, but fresh eggs in the refrigerator. 

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