Eyes Right?

Unfortunately not yet.

Another afternoon at Southampton Hospital, where we discovered by flashing lights, detailed photography and ultra-sound that the surgery two weeks ago was not entirely successful. The retina in my left eye has not re-attached, so further surgery is needed next week.

Last time they inserted a bubble of gas to put pressure on the retina. Next time they will try a bubble of oil, which will need to be removed later. I do hope that I don’t have spend another five days prone, particularly as I will miss the last weekend of the flat season at Newbury racecourse.

Apparently I have also developed a cataract which will need further surgery in the future.

Ho hum. At least it’s only inconvenient, not painful or life-threatening.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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