Age 67, reverting to childhood

I recently, on a whim, ordered another ten pounds worth of toys from

This time it was pirates in the style of Lego. Having received the parcel I realised that I could have ordered a full retail box (2 of each of 6 options) had I spent £12 instead of my miserly £10.

Anyway, here is what I received for my tenner. One model lacked a hand, but no matter.

I ignored the actual building instructions for each kit (between 25 and 37 pieces) and also mixed and matched the figure pieces to make unique characters. The odd one, on the far right of the photo’ is a skeleton supplied with no legs. He was reconstructed somewhat and christened “Dead Fred”.

In the background are some improvised defences and five spring-loaded cannon (which fire the cylindrical bricks if desired), as well as two palm trees. In the foreground are spare bits and pieces.

I have drafted some rules for a skirmish game based on an “offset squares” board, simulating hex-based movement. Without going into the detail of the rules, here are the two rival crews:

The Red Dragon crew

Captain Black (sword and pistol), Bosun Cackhand (pistol, left-handed, right hand is a claw), Patch (sword), Boozy Pete (sword and tankard, lashes out at friend or foe indiscriminately), Bluehat Bob (sword)

The Black Hat crew

Bosun Blaster (pistol, bonus for shooting), Two Hand Harry (two swords, uses both in swordplay), Captain Gruff (sword), Blind Jake (pistol, lethal to friend or foe in range if they move), Dead Fred (former crew-member, bow and arrow but only one hand, random movement, all nearby flee)

My idea for a first scenario is for both crews to capture an unoccupied cannon battery. To use one cannon needs three crew, so they are mainly simply an objective. Battle report to follow.

I expect after a couple of games this collection will be passed to my 8 year old grandson.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

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