1944 Rations diet: Two weeks in.

After two weeks of trying to live on 1944 rations with 2022 shopping habits I have discovered a lot. It is not possible to buy goods as in 1944. Try buying 2 ounces of cheese, rather than a 200 gramme block.

Thus, there are two approaches to the issue. My first was to account for every amount eaten, rather than the amount allowed to be purchased. The second attempt, still being trialled, is to mark off ration coupons as a shopkeeper would have done when a pack of food is opened. I use “opened” rather than “bought” because we are likely to start the rationing experiment with a healthy stock of food in 2022 (with concern and respect for those who have not)

Two documents are attached: the first was found on the internet from someone attempting the diet for a year and the second from my own experience in the last two weeks.

An admission of guilt. I have used about six weeks’ ration of cheese in the last two weeks. I ease my guilt by claiming to have “offset” my excess consumption by my zero consumption of sugar and other commodities, but that is not the point. I failed.

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