A storage challenge

I am struggling with a mathematical problem that takes me back to my work in the late 1970s.  In those days the problem was: “How many chest freezers measuring X x Y x Z can you fit in a shipping container measuring A x B x C?”

Now it is:  My toy soldiers are in boxes measuring 60mm x 95mm.  The storage containers are 345mm x 220mm internal.  Is there any way to fit 11 boxes into one container?

imageA suitable wargaming prize will be awarded to anyone who can supply a solution before I do.

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General Whiskers

Wargaming butterfly (mainly solo), unpainted model figure amasser, and Historical Re-enactor of the black powder era.

6 thoughts on “A storage challenge”

  1. Back in the day, “It can’t be done” was never an acceptable answer.
    So, in remembrance of many wasted evenings of my youth, I NEED a solution.

    I remember one late evening in the office with my Italian boss after many hours of calculations with paper and pencil (pre-computer).
    “Paul – You think I know F**k Bl**dy nothing?”
    I resisted the exceedingly strong temtation to reply: “No, Sergio, I think you know F**k all.”

    Happy days.

  2. Dear Paul,

    The short answer is no. In pure area terms, you can fit 13 (13.32) boxes in, if the lengths and widths are tailor made, and some boxes are different sizes, but the limiting factor is the fixed size, that limits you to 10, as you have them packed. I have ignored the rounded corners as well, which jiggers things even more. Can you use the shallow top shelf tray that RUB offer, or are your figures too deep for that?

    Regards, Chris

    1. Hi Chris,
      That’s the sort of answer that I used to tell my boss.
      And why he used to swear at me – and why after provocation I started to swear back! In the end he left the company and I was promoted. 🙂
      And also why we went back to using flat-bed trailers instead of containers for delivery of large white goods.

    1. Hi Chris & Chris.
      There is no room to add a second layer. I think Chris Kemp has confirmed my fears – 3 RUBs needed. I will need to paint up the plastic reinforcements to fill the box.

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