Peninsular War Campaign

spain_portugal_peninsularThis is a “play – by email” campaign.  Places are available.
The basis of this campaign is that it starts with the historical situation at the beginning of June 1808 and the seven players dictate history from there.
Players receive information from ADCs belonging to their sub-generals and from newspaper reports generated by the umpire.  It takes a long time to move around Spain & Portugal, so news is generally out of date.
Each of the seven players has a corps sized force and a specific area of operations.  They are free to request of the umpire anything that a Corps Commander would reasonably wish to know.  All messages are carried by couriers in plain text or code.
The only exception to the delay in transmission of information is when there is a contact with the enemy.  In that case I ask two players at random to assume the role of the local commander and give them the knowledge that he would have, without providing detail of where the engagement is taking place.
Supplies are handled by local quartermasters and every town on the map has a record of supply capacity, stores, defences, local political feeling, etc.
It has proved to be more work than I expected.  Some of the players are testing my ingenuity, but if in doubt I refer to my trusty decision makers, Señor Decacardes and Major Dai Rolles.

Updates will be published on the blog one month in game time after they actually occurred. For updates, see under “Categories” in the menu panel.

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