Operation Sealion

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I am using a booklet that I picked up a a wargame show some years back to work through a solo campaign of the operation.  A lazy option, leaving all the research to someone else, but why not?

The booklet is “Operation Sealion, The Miniature Operational Campaign Game” by S-2 Shop Productions.

The campaign works in the form of individual maps linked by variable length approach routes, and the forces are scaled down by one level so that, for example, a battalion becomes a company.  They are intended to be used with rules where one stand of 4 figures is a platoon, thus scaling down again by around 1/10.

So far German Fallschirmjäger have captured both postling and Lympne airfield, but yesterday failed to take Hawkinge airfield.

No photographs available yet because the actions all took part in the dark!

I started to fight yesterday’s action with the “Chain of Command” rules from “Too Fat” Lardies” (scaling down again so that each battalion became a platoon), but found that in 6mm with troops on multiple bases it was difficult to give the rules their full flavour.  Also I need more time to become familiar with the rules themselves.  So I reset the action and used my homegrown “quick’n’dirty” one sheet rules.

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