Conquest of Europe 1790s

This is an abstract campaign played using the components from “Risk – Edition Napoleon” with additions from other games, but with mechanisms adapted from “Axis & Allies”. For updates, see under “Categories” in the menu panel.

The current ruleset is here:

Conquest of Europe rules 2014_02

It is Spring 1792, the seventh turn of the campaign, and the start of the third year. France controls much of the Confederation of the Rhine territory, but the British have invaded southern France and threaten the heartland of the country.  France therefore made a massive effort in Languedoc/Provence and beat the British, capturing General Hill.  In the north France tried to push the Prussians out of Hanover, but lost the battle and General Mortier too.

Austria was under threat from Russian forces in Galicia but as there was little to be done to reinforce the east, instead attacked and took Bavaria from the French.

Prussia moved troops via Denmark into Sweden, using the fleet in Copenhagen, to forestall Russian movement westwards from Finland, and at the same time attacked from Brandenburg into Wurttemberg/Westphalia.  Here too the French were beaten.

Russia moved into Austrian Galicia with overwhelming force and destroyed the Austrian field army, but was still left with the problem of reducing and occupying the fortress, so no immediate resources benefit could be obtained.

Great Britain withdrew the Mediterranean fleet from Provence to Andalusia and ransomed General Hill from the French.  General Uxbridge led an infantry force across the English Channel and took lightly-defended Belgium.  This was deemed more profitable than the alternative of attacking Normandy, where the French had a fortress.

Italy, somewhat weakened in the previous year, reinforced Piedmont/Lombardy and made an attack on the Helvetian Republic, which was captured only after 4 weeks of hard fighting.

I one season the French hold on the Confederation of the Rhine was almost eliminated, as they failed to retake Hanover and lost in turn Bavaria, Wurtemberg/Westphalia, Belgium and the Helvetian Republic.  The small forces in Holland and Saxony were isolated from the homeland with little chance of relief in the Summer.

Deployment at the end of the Spring 1792 turn
Deployment at the end of the Spring 1792 turn



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