1901 alternative European history

This page records my alternative history of the beginning of the 20th century.  I am using for the big picture the game of Diplomacy to generate battles for my 6mm early WW1 armies.  For updates, see under “Categories” in the menu panel.

The campaign, if we can call it such, begins in Spring 1901 when a complex series of alliances exists.

Britain is allied to Germany, Germany to Turkey, Turkey to France, France to Russia and Austria, Russia to Italy, Italy to Britain.

The war has been going on for 18 months and we are now in the summer of 1902.   What has happened so far?

In 1901 the French moved into Piedmont, and the Italians moved an army from Rome to Tuscany to meet the French threat . The British honoured the alliance with Italy by declaring war on France and occupying the Brest region. France then attacked and took Venice and the Italians retreated to Rome.

Italy attempted to take Trieste but was defeated by the Austrian army, supported by naval elements. Germany however succeeded in siezing Bohemia from Austria.

Russia invaded Prussia and continued towards Berlin, but the Germans moved their Silesian Army to defend the capital. The Russians also attacked Silesia from Warsaw and the Germans were forced to abandon Bohemia to meet the new attack from the East. In both regions the German defenders were successful and the Russians withdrew.

The Turks supported their German allies by moving a fleet to Sevastapol and and an army from Bulgaria into Greece.

By the end of the year Britain had gained a foothold in Europe, occupying both Brest and Holland. France had acquired Venice. Germany had held the fatherland and occupied Denmark and Sweden. Russia was back within her own boundaries, as was Austria, while Turkey had gained land north of the Black Sea.

In the spring of 1902, Britain moved an army to Norway to support the Germans in Scandinavia. France defended the new territory of Venice from an attack by two Italian armies. Turkey continued the northward expansion taking Rumania from the Russians, and moved a fleet into the Aegean Sea.

The Russians attacked Germany again and captured Silesia.

In the summer Britain and France clashed on the Dutch-Belgian border and neither made progress. The French failed to retake Brest from a fortified British defence.

The Italian Army of Tuscany is now attacking the French occupying the province of Venice.
creating the battlefield
La Batalla del Fabrica de Noce


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