1702 Alternative History

This page documents an alternative military history of the early years of the eighteenth century, played as a solo campaign.  For updates, see under “Categories” in the menu panel.

I started this campaign some years ago in January 1700.  I have now reached Autumn 1702.

For the anglocentrics, here is a map of the current tactical deployment in northwest Europe. The roman numerals show the size of each force in battalions.  Standard sizes of commands are I, III, V, X, representing in more recent terms a battalion, brigade, division or corps respectively.

The French have invaded Wales, but before that I have to fight  battles in Savoy, the Palatinate and Flanders.

The situation in northwest Europe as at 2nd September 1702
The situation in northwest Europe as at 2nd September 1702

At the other end of the continent the Swedes have just defeated a Russian attack on Kurland and the Russians have withdrawn to Lithuania.

Depending on the size of the engagement I use 6mm or 2mm models, and I use this campaign as a test for various rule sets that I stumble upon.

The latest battle was fought using 2mm troops and an adaptation of Commands & Colors Napoleonics rules on a terrain composed of 6cm hexagon tiles.  At that scale photographs are almost useless, so I have spared you the usual battle report.

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