Bloody modern technology!

My not very old Brother printer has finally stopped both wireless and wired communication with my PC.  very timely after just receiving a new set of ink cartridges incompatible with any other printing appliance in our house. (Can anyone use Brother LC125XL-? print cartridges?  If so, free + postage to the first applicant)

So I searched for a replacement and the best general purpose home machine at a reasonable price is the Canon T55050.  Received. Installed with PC (after a long hunt for the input cable port!).  Installed with I-Phone, easy.  Then about 2 hours to install with I-Pad, during which neither machine recognised the other.

Oh, how I yearn for the good old days of Telex!  Even when it failed, it could still be translated and understood.


How would we cope without the internet?

There has been a massive failure in access to the internet through the O2 network today.

I know that I am relying on the very same technology that just failed us today in order to distribute this message, but is this not a warning about our reliance on constant access to the internet to be able to run our lives nowadays?

Maybe it’s time t wake up and check the alternatives, if there still are any…