Eighty years on. 11th November 1939

Armistice day.

It is a good idea to pause occasionally and reflect on what our games; our toy soldiers, our cardboard counters or computer graphics actually represent. Today is a day for remembering.


The allies exchanged friendship messages marking Armistice Day.  Queen Elizabeth made a broadcast on the BBC focusing on the effect of the war on women.  So far in Britain 45,000 women had volunteered for the various organisations and services.  Recruiting for the WRNS and the Land Army was suspended because the waiting lists were too long.

The German Foreign Office repeated assurances that the neutrality of the Netherlands and Belgium would be respected.

Game day 73. China

3rd Infantry Corps moved from China into disputed Kwangtung.  4th Infantry Corps in China also moved to the north-east while 5th Infantry Corps moved eastwards with the intention of retaking Shanghai.

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