Operation Market Garden report

Last weekend I umpired the “play by e-mail” Market Garden campaign game. From Friday evening to Sunday evening I spent around 30 hours online with 3 players and exchanged almost 300 e-mails.  The average rate was one inbound mail every 15 minutes and one outbound every 12 minutes during the playing time. Over 50 divisional status reports were prepared and sent out.

The game ran almost in real time if you count the players’ sleeping breaks and that not much happened during the night time turns in the game. We got as far as the afternoon of 19th September and the capture of the Nijmegen bridge.  Like most wargames the time ran out just as the crucial stage was reached.

The story of the development and playing of the game will appear shortly in these pages.

Market Garden update.

Maps have now been sent to players. Original plan was to give each player the same notice of the operation as the original generals had, but I realise that their administration staff is somewhat smaller, so I compromised.
Program is now written to handle combat with a couple of mouse clicks, which should save some admin time when the game is running.

Operation Market Garden – wargame update 10/10/13

Having started some intensive play-testing before exposing my victims to the game, I have discovered that with the current rules it is not possible for any British parachute units to reach Arnhem Bridge from their allowable drop zones on the first day, even if the Germans decide to stay at home and put their feet up for the day. Since it is a matter of record that it actually happened and was potentially crucial to the success of the operation from the allies’ viewpoint, I think a review is needed.