Domestic upheaval. The benefits.

One of the benefits of the Memsahib’s sudden desire to refurbish our home “office” room is that I have acquired a new, solid, 160cm x 80cm (63” x 31.t”) solid table for my hobby. I have promised to cover it with a cloth before doing any painting or gaming.

From the former occupant of this space I have two large, solid painting boards (from the hinged leaves of the table).

One advantage of the new table is that one can temporarily (yes, honestly my love) store large Really Useful Boxes beneath the table whilst playing a game or preparing a project.

I will also have a new workbench in the man-cave measuring 160cm x 70cm (63” x 27.5”) with two sets of drawers. But I need to re-organise the whole shed layout first.

Organisation, Dog issues and wargaming

Yesterday I spent a lot of time installing shelving units to my shed, during which I dropped my best screwdriver into an inaccessible position.

After eventually detaching the magnet elements from an LED work light, I was able to attach them to a line of linen thread and retrieve the driver,

I then set to to mow the front grass area, during which Sparky managed to sprain his front right ankle.  One trip to the vet, a pain killer injection, a dose of pills for the next week, and a fifty quid bill later, he is jumping about like a young puppy, while I am supposed to keep him on bed rest.

And so back to the wargaming:  I started a confused solo tabletop urban battle this morning between elements of 1st and 4th Parachute Brigades of the British 1st Airborne Division and elements of 2nd SS Panzer Division and local forces in the Arnhem area.

The result, after 30 minutes game time and a morning’s gaming and documentation, hangs in the balance.