Sparky’s life

This is the first of the blog postings by my dog, Sparky.  He is a labrador/collie crossbreed and around three years old.  Since February, when we acquired him from the Dog’s Trust rehoming centre, he has been contributing his view of life on Facebook (under the guise of his master, Paul Wisken).

He has now asked me to include his posts in my blog.

“Sparky says:

HE is a rotter. Not a Rottweiler, but a simply a rotter.

HE hid My Ball.  HE said a lot of blah blah blah and then got out the noisy grass-chomping toy.  HE said “No Ball blah blah” and started to play with HIS toy.  I could smell My Ball but could not get to it.  I jumped up on the box where HE hid it, but it was all shut.

I tried and tried and HE made a “ha-ha-ha” noise.

After ever such a long time [reality check: about ten minutes] HE put away the noisy toy and found My Ball.

It was nice to have the Ball back but I want to tell the “Not-Just-For-Christmas” people that HE HID MY BALL and that is not what We agreed.  HE does not love Me.

Later HE took me out in the car and We went to a shop and bought tasty treats.  Maybe HE loves me again now.”

More from Sparky in the future.