A Small Success

Today I finally managed to find a box in the attic that has been hidden for four years, despite numerous attempts to locate it.

When I retired in 2014 I determined to acquire a lot of the stuff from my 1960s and 1970s wargaming years.

One thing tbat I saw in several books (mainly those written by Charles Grant Snr.) was the Merit Alder Tree.  This was at the time both normally outside my pocket money and also never actually seen in our local model store.  I did manage to buy a few Merit poplar trees and a few Roco fir trees as substitutes, but I never owned an alder tree.

So, when I retired I scoured eBay for Merit trees and other stuff of the period.  I managed to get a decent number of these trees together, based them on MDF and boxed them up for future use, then stuck them in a corner of the loft and lost them.

This is at least the fourth search, but the Holy Grail has at last been found.

After some re-glueing, the forest amounts to 27 trees: