Encouraging young wargamers

This week my young neighbour Luke has visited the shedquarters twice. The first was for the assault on the north African hilltop village of El-andam Na’tion.

Luke wanted a tank battle, so I quickly painted up some of my spare tanks from the board game Memoir ‘44. By using the Japanese tanks as similar looking Italian types I was able to muster 30 tanks a side.

The British had a mix of Crusaders and Shermans. The Axis had a dozen Italian tanks holding the town, and reinforcements of PzIV with both short and long 75mm guns, and one troop of Tigers.

The rules were from Don Featherstone’s “Battles With Model Soldiers”., chosen as a simple introductory system.

The British won by taking the village. Then Luke reset the battlefield as a more open area with scattered buildings. In this scenario he thrashed me. At one point I surrounded one of his Tigers and with three Shermans at shortest range they all missed!!!

I don’t mind losing. If it brings one more young chap into the wargaming hobby I have won.

A comparison of scale

While painting buildings for a 1944 Dutch town setting I am amazed at the different interpretations of scale by different manufacturers for 6mm battles.

This photo’ shows a couple of Total Battle Miniatures three storey houses against a Timecast version of the same.  TBM claim that their buildings are exagerrated in the vertical scale.



I think that Timecast is far closer to 1/200 than 1/300, even if the average 6mm (1/300 or 1/285)  model soldier could enter their doorways without stooping.