Thursday 18th May


Tristan the horse decided he wanted a “duvet day”. He did not want to get up, despite encouragement.

He changed his mind when he saw the preparations to move him to a paddock of fresh long grass.

So where did he head for grazing? To the bare pathway through to the next paddock!

Returning home, the front of the house is beginning to look brighter.

While I was washing up I realised that the utensil I was holding has been in service for nearly fifty years. This set was given to us by my aunt for my first wedding in 1973 and is still going strong.

My mind started wandering back to that day. Fortunately I have some photographs because when I was in rehab. my first wife sent me a load of pictures from happier days.

I heard today that a young friend is aiming to be part of the British Horseball team at the international championship in Italy. The team members are self=funded for themselves and their horses. I am happy to contribute to his success.