Monday 15th May

I was struck by the beauty of this tree at the stables.

On closer inspection it is two trees, which the close-up shows.

My tree identifier book has hidden itself, so I must hunt the internet for more information.

After mowing my back lawn again on a shorter cut and viewing my garden I remembered a cartoon from a “Punch” magazine from about 1912. A vicar is talking to an old fellow working in his front garden.

Vicar: “Isn’t it wonderful what man can achieve with the aid of the Almighty?”

Gardener: “Aye Vicar, but ye should ‘ave seed it when the Almighty ‘ad it to ‘isself.”

On the indoor front I have been working on 3mm (1:600 scale) Roman auxilia and command groups. I painted these with fine tipped acrylic paint pens.

Auxilia (click to enlarge)
Command (click to enlarge)