Sunday 14th May

A productive day.

Chrissy’s birthday and my son’s wedding anniversary. As I discovered it’s also an old friend and colleague’s birthday and the wedding anniversary of another couple who I have not seen for several years.

The local woods are looking lush and verdant.

It was a bright sunny day, perfect for a day out, but we could not think of anywhere special to go. As usual the day started at the stables, after which we went to the garden centre for necessities. Chrissy has a rat problem at the stables and I needed some canes for plant supports.

The place was packed. As we joined the queue at the checkouts I asked a young man with a loaded trolley if he was part of the queue. “I think so – I hope so”, he replied as his wife appeared with arms full of goods.

I managed to fight the mower through the thick growth of the back lawn, then ordered a more substantial mower for the future. Chrissy received a call from the local agricultural contractor asking if he could spray the winter paddocks against ragwort, so back to the stables to move the horses out of his way.

I decided to strip the ivy from the fence behind the border where I am planning to grow vegetables. This was difficult but ultimately satisfying. Then I transplanted my runner bean plants and set up the first willow stakes for their support.


Chrissy got back quite late from the stables, so we simply celebrated her birthday with a very nice Peking takeaway meal.