Wednesday 10th May

Toing and froing

Starting today at the stable yard, the drinking water tubs in the paddocks needed to be filled. The water bag In the wheelbarrow was over-full and weighed a ton. Therefore the barrow sank into the quagmire at the paddock entrance and needed a lot of effort to move.

Returning home I did some work on my 3mm 1st Century troops and accessories. I based the Celtic chariots, which are now ready for a final touch-up. I also based and touched up the villa and farmstead, sourced from Perry Miniatures Travel Battle accessories.

I was expecting a call about the Jeep at around 10:00. After two reminders I received a call at 2:30. I collected it at around 5:00 and found a new problem created by the service engineers. I need to return it tomorrow afternoon…

This evening I went to Basingstoke for an AA meeting to keep company with my friend from Primrose Lodge.