Tuesday 9th May

A day of disappointments

Today was wet with heavy thunderstorms and downpours, which ruled out any activity in the garden. Sparky has been hiding in the bathroom for much of the day.

I took the Jeep for service and they have found a problem which has delayed the collection for at least one more day.

I spent some time painting and preparing my 3mm slingers and archers. I am disappointed with the casting quality of these Oddzial Osmy models. The skirmishers must be snipped from their strips and individually based, but it’s hard to work out which way they are facing.

This is so different from the quality I have found in their other ranges.

Colonial (from
WW1 Germans)
Eighteenth Century
Second World War

So I have ordered some of Magister Militum’s own sculpts of slingers and archers, with which I hope to have more success.

But the good news is that my roses are blooming. Not staying near the trellis, but looking good nonetheless.