Sunday 7th May

Uncompleted plans

My intention was to be active in the garden today, specifically hedge-trimming. However the hedges were too wet in the morning so I caught up on my pile of ironing instead.

The sun came out in the afternoon, but Chrissy needed a new ragwort fork so we spent a couple of hours touring the agricultural and equestrian suppliers in the area searching for said item. Needless to say, something else “needed” was bought in every shop en route.

Returning home we had a cup of tea while watching an interesting TV programme about the tailoring of all the armed forces’ ceremonial uniforms, including the new CR III cypher. So interesting that we both fell asleep!

Our kitchen electricity circuit cut out again. I have traced the fault to the activation of the timer device for the boiler. For the time being it is permanently switched on. Two electricians have failed to find a fault.

Then to the stable yard to feed and rug up the three horses before a little weeding in the garden and then dinner. Later I met up on line with my fellow alcoholics from the rehab. centre.

But I never got round to trimming the hedges.