Saturday 6th May

Coronation Day

Today has been a lazy day. The King and Queen’s coronations were the centrepiece of the day and I have been watching the TV coverage most of the time.

I had intended to catch up with the ironing while watching but found that I was so engrossed that nothing else got done.

What an excellent display from all involved in the ceremony and subsequent parade. Even our normally lousy railway system managed to deliver 4,500 military personnel to Waterloo Station on time!


Friday May 5th

An unexciting day

We started the day at the stables as usual. Rio the foal was very playful this morning, but annoyingly so when we needed to open the gate he was leaning on.

I made a trip to the garden centre for some necessities and bought these plants for the front garden.

One of our rhododendrons is beginning to bloom. The other is looking a bit sad, and deadish in places.

I attended a very good Zoom meeting with the SMART recovery team. Two brand new members attended.

As it had started to rain I spent the afternoon ironing while listening to an audiobook. I made a little progress with painting my models too.