Thursday 4th May

May the fourth be with you.

Today started badly with a power cut that I discovered at 3:00, Chrissy found at 4:00 and I reported at 5:30. Despite what it said on the SSEB website, the first report was at 01:30. Anyway, I fired up the gas hob in the caravan for morning coffee before heading to the stables.

Sparky was due for grooming at 11:00 and I managed to break my learned behaviour by not going to the shop to buy booze while he was being seen to but refuelling and washing the Jeep instead. A minor success.

Over the forthcoming holiday weekend five of my syndicate-owned horses are entered to run: two on Saturday and three on Monday. Fortunately the two on Saturday should be after the main Coronation events. I have entered the ballot for owners’ tickets for the three on Monday, all at Worcester. Nominal odds of getting a ticket for one of them are 3/3000, but naturally not every part-owner will enter the ballot.

Checking my runner bean plants I found that four are ready for replanting in the garden, so that was dealt with. At the same time I pulled out a lot of ivy that was filling the fence at the rear of our garden.

This evening was taken up with a SMART Zoom meeting, followed by some catchup TV. Oh dear, they have started a re-run of “Line of Duty” and I got sucked into Series 1 episode 1 and retired late.