Wednesday 3rd May

A day of ups and downs

In my e-mail were announcements of entries for three of my syndicate horses to run at Worcester on Monday 8th May. I have entered the ballot for owner’s tickets for ball three. I will be lucky to win one.

Sparky has learned to use the steps to help him get into the Jeep. His “flying leap” method does not always work!

At 11:00 I attended a very poor Zoom meeting for the SMART recovery process. The facilitator was constantly interrupting with good advice before letting the participants finish their sentence. In 100 minutes of meeting I estimate that she spoke for over 60. I will not be returning to any of her meetings.

It being a nice day I mowed the front lawn on the “short grass” setting, before clearing another 6 feet of our back flower border. I forgot to take a picture of the “before” state, but this was a tangle of weeds, borage, brambles and two dead bushes.

The privet had to be severely pruned. This has sprung from a near-dead potted privet bush planted there a few years back.

The two sections of tree trunk were saved for some undisclosed purpose by Chrissy when the tree was taken down last year. I intend to convert the stump into a seat when I get around to it.

Oh dear. Now I have no excuse. I have got “a round tuit”

I was quite tired after all that work, so I took the opportunity to spray varnish my tiny armies and leave them in the sunshine to dry. Here they are in action. Note to self: change the paint colour for the bases.

After Sparky’s evening walk (nowhere exciting today) and a nice dinner I spent the evening making a start on painting the 3mm chariots, again using a range of acrylic pens.

The apparently unpainted horses are actually dark bays. The camera is lying.