Tuesday 2nd May

Having missed my AA meeting yesterday evening I started the day with a 7:30 online meeting. Many of the participants were late-night Americans rather than early-rising British.

No stable duties today, but I did manage to retrieve these earlier photo’s of Tristan (age 23-ish years) and Rio (age 11 months) getting to know each other.

“Morning Grandad.”
Rio (I call him “Tiny”) and Tristan

I took Sparky to Paice’s Hill Country Park. This is a lovely local area for dog-walking provided that the fishermen are not disturbed. There are a number of tiered fishing lakes and plenty of woodland. Following yesterday’s exertions Sparky was not up to a long walk, so we played with his ball for a while.

The lower lake

I spent the rest of the morning gardening (mowing, weeding and sowing beans). Sparky leant a hand, or rather a ball, to help me.

After a little housework I returned to my minuscule Celtic warriors. I have made good progress with the painting. I am finding acrylic pens to be very useful for small-scale models.

While painting I caught up with my podcasts. I realise that I am more aware of this now, but I was surprised by how much of the life of “The Archers” characters’ lives involves drinking. And one of my favourite podcasts is now sponsored by a free beer offer.

On Sparky’s afternoon walk I spotted these beautiful wild flowers in a nearby stand of pine trees.

In the evening we caught up with the TV series “The Big Steam Adventure” involving a journey from Greenwich to the Scottish border using only steam power (boats, cars, trains, traction engines, etc.). Fascinating stuff.