Monday 1st May

Celebrating my 69th birthday and 40 days alcohol free.

Naturally my day began by opening my surprise birthday presents that I chose in the shops yesterday, and my cards. Amongst the ones that made me chuckle were:

Age appropriate
Appeals to my pedantic side.
And this must be Sparky.

On twitter Tony Husband posted a cartoon which could have been me six weeks ago. It made me think.

After a visit to the stables we set off for Dorset on a nostalgia trip for me. We headed for Worth Matravers with the intention of walking the path to the inlet at Winspit. The car park was full and almost a kilometre from the start of the path, and Chrissy was concerned at her ability to walk there and back again, the return journey being an uphill slog of 135 metres climb over two kilometres.

We moved on to Langton Matravers where we could drive to a car park closer to the start of the walk, and where the last space had just become vacant. The first part of the walk to Spyway Barn was a good quality track with a gentle uphill slope, and the second half grass pasture with a downhill slope towards the cliff edge at Dancing Ledge. We did not attempt the descent to sea level. I would have liked to but did not think I was up to it.

I foolishly left the phone/camera in the car so I have no photo’s to share.

After a quick look at Swanage we decided not to stop, but went in the other direction to Lulworth Cove. By now the sun had come out and I began to regret my choice of clothing. Again it was hard to find a parking space but we managed and walked down to the beach, where we had a late lunch of seafood and chips. Lulworth Cove was not quite the tranquil place I remember.

Every building between the car park and the beach now apparently sells ice cream, as well as food and beachside tat.

On the return journey we encountered the same slow traffic that had dogged us on the outward trip. Dorset is a lovely place for a day trip or a holiday, but unfortunately it is full of holidaymakers and day-trippers.

We brought Tristan back to his own paddock, fed the three horses and went home, where all three of us fell asleep in the armchairs by 8:30. A good day out, but exhausting.

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