Catching up again.

Sunday 23rd April

Last Sunday morning we were lucky enough to get tickets to visit Nicky Henderson’s racing yard at Lambourn. We both own micro-shares in several horses with the Owners Group, which currently has seven horses in training with Nicky Henderson.

About 150 owners turned up to see the seven horses paraded on his oval sand track. They first walked around in procession, then spread out and cantered in both directions before each horse was presented to us close-up, while Nicky told us about each horse and it’s progress.

Despite having arrived home from Ayr racecourse at about 2 a.m. on Sunday and a backlog of over 100 telephone calls to make, Nicky spent a couple of hours with us fielding questions.

I was unable to get good photographs of the horses in action, the view being obstructed by the safety rails and the crowd, but managed some when the horses were closer to us. The first is The Carpenter, a hurdler who has been winning recently when the ground is soft enough.

M second horse is Glynn. I don’t think that Glynn has run a race in the last six months as he is always being nursed for injuries. Apparently he is much improved now.

In the afternoon we went to Chrissy’s yard to feed and rug-up the three horses there. Chrissy’s horse Tristan is cheeky and always looking for treats…

In the evening I joined an AA Zoom meeting with several alumni from Primrose Lodge, the rehabilitation centre I attended at the start of the month. I am celebrating one month without an alcoholic drink.

Monday 24th April

A day of bits and pieces. After the usual morning stint at the yard I tried to mow the lawn but it was too wet. I left it for the morning sun to dry it out and then tried again, but it began raining heavily. Ah well, maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile I attacked my pile of ironing, getting half-way through.

Around midday the electricIan arrived to find out why our boiler keeps tripping the electric switch on the main circuit board. He checked the boiler, then all the other appliances on the same circuit, then every circuit in the house and everything worked perfectly, and continued to do so for the rest of the day.

After lunch it was too wet to consider a country walk with Sparky so I did some outstanding paperwork. I wrote to the solicitor about the dispute over my late brother-in-law’s will. The other trustees are squabbling.

I played a couple of games of Scrabble against mystery on-line opponents. My best effort so far is:

Then I began filing the flash from the bases of my 3mm Roman army in preparation for painting until it was time for my weekly local AA meeting. When I returned home I caught the second half of the “We Have Ways of Making you Talk” livestream. And so to bed.

Tuesday 25th April

I walked Sparky in the local woods this morning and then finished filing the bases of my little Romans. They are now ready for an undercoat wash.

In the afternoon to Southampton Hospital for an eye check-up. The local traffic was horrendous, due to the car parks being full. Chrissy dropped me off and went to park at the local retail park.

After tests and a retinal scan and a two hour wait I met the doctor who told me that m left eye is looking almost normal now. I have been feeling the sight is more blurred lately but the swelling has gone and I can read two lines more on the eye chart than I could last month. Maybe I need another new prescription?

We got home in time to watch “my” horse Yeoman win at Wolverhampton. Yay!!

At 9:00 I joined an AA international Zoom meeting for newcomers. 34 days dry today.

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