An afternoon at the races.

The highlight of yesterday was the first flat season race day of the year at Newbury Racecourse.

There were eight races in all, but we only stayed for the first five because we have a limit on how long we wish to leave Sparky the dog at home on his own.

It was raining when we arrived so we headed to the members’ bar for lunch (Cumberland sausage and mash with green vegetables). We watched the first race on TV while we ate our lunch and then ventured out to see the horses in the paddock for the next race,

I had no luck for the first three races, including accidentally betting on the wrong horse in the second. He did better than my intended selection though.

In the first there were only five runners, so I placed a forecast bet on 1st and second places, and won. Here’s the winner about to cross the line.

I also picked the winner of the fifth race, resulting in a small profit for the day. I was actually 25% up, but only betting small stakes it did not pay for my lunch.

On the way to the car park we stopped at the Dubai Duty Free pavilion and played the wheel of fortune. Chrissy won an entry ticket for a £1m draw and I won this fine instant prize.

Better than a small chance of winning a million.

More racing this afternoon. I must start looking at the racecard to pick today’s winners.

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