A spot of gardening

True to my plan presented to my fellows as part of my plan for recovery after leaving rehab. I started work on the back garden. Yesterday I top-cut the grass, using 4 batteries-worth of power for the mower. Today I started on the flower border, which was thickly overgrown with borage.

Borage has beautiful blue flowers (which are also edible) but it can spread and take over. It also has deep tap roots.

I found at the weekend that I don’t own, or can’t find, a garden fork, so I bought one of these (pic below).

A combination of spade and fork. It works!

When I started around 9:30 this morning (no stable duty today) the bed looked like this:

I worked on it until 11:00 and took a break for coffee and to reply to some messages from fellow alcoholics before attending an AA zoom meeting from 12:00 until 1:00. Returning to the garden I worked on until about 2:30 when I had to stop because our garden waste bin was full. They are collecting tomorrow so I can start filling it again. The border now looks like this.

Actually I have cleared as far as the red tulips in the foreground.

For the next half hour I potted some runner bean seeds that will eventually go into the back of this border against the fence. For now they are in a propagator.

A good day’s work which kept my body occupied. I kept the mind busy by listening to podcasts on my ‘phone while working.

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2 thoughts on “A spot of gardening”

  1. I haven’t seen a fork like that before, Paul. I assume it is for heavy, stony soil? We went through a couple of cheap ones before I found a decent stainless steel fork with tines that wouldn’t bend in the slightest gust of wind.

    Regards, Chris.

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