1943 rations for Lent 2023: A bit of a blow-out.

Today I ate right royally within my ration limit.

I started by opening the pack of dried egg to make scrambled eggs for breakfast. The pack below is sufficient for 21 eggs, or 7 weeks’ ration. With fresh eggs I would only be allowed 1 per week.

The instructions with the pack suggest a ratio of 1 egg powder to 3 of water. This may be OK for cooking, but I find that generally 1:2 is a better ratio. A good scrambled egg can be made with 1 scoop of egg powder, 1 of water and 1 of milk.

This made with 1 thin slice of ham included.

Beware! Scrambled egg made with powder tends to stick to the pan more than fresh eggs do. It’s taken a day of alternate soaking and scrubbing to clean the saucepan.

For lunch I pan-fried the “off-ration” mallard breast (complete with shot!) and some “bubble and squeak” (leftover cabbage, onion and potato, mashed and fried).

As a total surprise this evening the Memsahib brought home a large piece of cooked salmon, left over from a business meeting at her workplace. I was unsure what to do about this, but it was a “freebie” and needed to be eaten.

Two choices. Do I consider this as “bought on points”, using 1/3 of my monthly ration or, since it was “buckshee”, claim that I got it from Private Walker in the alleyway beside the Rose & Crown and not declare it? I have 17 points of my 24 left for March. If I bought the salmon legally I have 9 points left, if black market I still have 17.

The jury is out. I will make a moral decision on this if I am running short of points at the end of the month.

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